AMPROBE 38XR-A Data Acquisition Software

AMPROBE 38XR-A Data Acquisition Software 3.01

Imports readings and export Readings from the Amprobe 38XR-A
3.01 (See all)

The AMPROBE Data Acquisition is a package that supports Amprobe instrument 38XR-A. All instruments share the same file format. You can open files recorded by you, other people, or even other Amprobe instruments from your PC. Upon opening the AMPROBE 38XR-A Data Acquisition, you can see 3 main tabs: File, Setup and Help.

In the File tab you can see Import Readings and Export Readings, Print Graph, etc. Within the Setup tab you available options are: Communications, Scaling, Alarm Signals, Date/Time, Select Decimal and AutoSave.

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